The installation piece Llanura was born under the proposal of the programme | Sound Landscapes in the Iberian Peninsula of the NYU King Juan Carlos of Spain I Center (New York, EU) for which I have been invited to participate in a two-year residency (20-22).

The aim of this project is to stop and therefore listen to the Iberian context (in my case focusing on Extremadura), on the one hand, and to generate a collective reflection on the cultural diversity of the Iberian worlds at a time when national territories are becoming blurred due to the ubiquity of virtual space. provides a space to work on my creative project in dialogue with the virtual community of KJCC, while creating an original piece that will be exhibited at the end of my artistic residency at the NY centre. follows my artistic process and my work, nourished by popular sounds and rural landscapes from an experimental position. The title Llanura is a direct reference to the region of La Serena (Badajoz) and its extensive and monotonous landscape formed by granite, quartzite and slate protuberances through which the pastures that feed the cattle barely peep through. This seemingly lifeless landscape is full of life and history, where my parents and, before them, my grandparents and great-grandparents were born. A long family tree rooted in the region, raised in its lands.