berrea/anunciación/compás is part of the research I have been carrying out since 2017; Paisaje dentro de Paisaje. This research, originating from the sublime emotion that the landscape evokes, explores its movement and aesthetics in relation to the contemporary human being.

The research exalts the sacred side of nature – beautiful and violent at the same time – and confronts this infinite beauty with the finitude of our own bodies. On the other hand, in Paisaje dentro de Paisaje I work with sound and aesthetical references from Iberian folklore, which I bring towards contemporary language.

This research about landscape, rite and tradition is a proposition to the viewer to not look at landscape from an extractive distance again, or from an intention to tame it as a souvenir. Paisaje dentro de Paisaje, is a proposition to touch the landscape, to get inside it and, from within, look at it with no other option but to look at ourselves.